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Nepse Index
2,152.14                       15.79 / 0.73%
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Sensitive Index
380.96                          3.50 / 0.92%

Product & Services

Merchant Banking

Debenture Trusteeship

At Jyoti Capital Limited, we combine our capabilities with our in-depth local knowledge to deliver expert Trusteeship Services. Our team continually strives to cater to changing market needs, ensuring we deliver the best to our clients and the industry. A Debenture Trustee is appointed to represent and protect the interests of debenture/bond holders Jyoti Capital Limited as a Debenture Trustee represent the debenture holders and ensure the  protection of their interest whilst ensuring an adequate asset coverage ratio. At Jyoti .......

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Depository Participants (DP) Service

Jyoti Capital Limited has been working as Nodal work station for managing DP Service or D-Mat Services of Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited, the licensed institution to act as Depository Participants (DP). Jyoti Capital  Limited will be the intermediary between the depository system (CDS and clearing Ltd.) and our clients. Our services offer a secure, convenient and paperless way to keep track of our valued client's  investments in shares and other security instruments over time, without the hassle of handling paper based transcripts. The D .......

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Jyoti Capital Limited is a licensed underwriter from Securities Board of Nepal to undertake the responsibility to buy the unsubscribed securities in case of under subscription from public. Our underwriting service assists issuing companies by providing payment guarantee for the issued securities (both debt and equity) regardless of the price at which the security eventually sells in the market. As an underwriter, Jyoti Capital Limited bears the risk and responsibility of selling the issued securities and provides commitment to purchase the sec .......

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Investment Banking

Portfolio Management Service

Portfolio: “Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket” A Portfolio is created with a theme of “Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket” to minimize risk by dispersing efforts and resources in multiple areas.  In the investment avenues a portfolio is a combination of varied stocks and bonds rather than investing all out in one single asset or security. Portfolio is the collection of different asset classes such as equities, fixed earning securities (like bonds, debenture, fixed deposits), mutual funds, cash and cash equivalent, etc .......

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Corporate Advisory

JCL offers comprehensive corporate advisory solutions, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and financial restructuring. With a focus on transparency and sector-specific expertise, the company empowers clients to navigate complex financial situations successfully and achieve their growth objectives. As a reliable partner, Jyoti Capital guides businesses towards financial success in the dynamic investment landscape. .......

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Mutual Fund

JCL provides diverse mutual fund solutions, assisting clients in equity and debt investments based on their risk tolerance and financial goals. Thorough research guides suitable scheme recommendations, enhancing portfolio diversification and growth potential. Transparent information empowers investors for an enriched investment experience and financial success. .......

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