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Portfolio: “Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket”

A Portfolio is created with a theme of “Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket” to minimize risk by dispersing efforts and resources in multiple areas.  In the investment avenues a portfolio is a combination of varied stocks and bonds rather than investing all out in one single asset or security.

Portfolio is the collection of different asset classes such as equities, fixed earning securities (like bonds, debenture, fixed deposits), mutual funds, cash and cash equivalent, etc.

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a specialized service rendered by the organization for management of the financial resources in a prudent manner that helps individual to achieve their financial needs and unique investment objectives.

A team of experts carry research on capital markets and money market to provide a optimum solution to achieve desired investment objectives and ensures best selection of investment opportunity within an asset class.

PMS also ensures for proper monitoring and review of the portfolios and keeps track of any future volatility and events for the optimized result.

We, Jyoti Capital Limited offer PMS service across two asset classes- volatile earning securities (like Shares, unit of Mutual Funds) and Fixed income instruments (like corporate Debentures, Fixed Deposit).

JCL’s portfolio management is founded on four common principles:

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • Rigorous Rebalancing
  • Risk management
  • Cost efficiency

Our approach to your investments is designed to reflect your needs, attitude to risk and desired level of involvement. Each individual’s investment needs are different. We reflect yours through the various products offered as :

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