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At Jyoti Capital Limited, we combine our capabilities with our in-depth local knowledge to deliver expert Trusteeship Services. Our team continually strives to cater to changing market needs, ensuring we deliver the best to our clients and the industry.

A Debenture Trustee is appointed to represent and protect the interests of debenture/bond holders

Jyoti Capital Limited as a Debenture Trustee represent the debenture holders and ensure the  protection of their interest whilst ensuring an adequate asset coverage ratio. At Jyoti Capital Limited, we specialize in varied facets of Debenture Trustee services including creation of security within stipulated time, effective handling of investor complaints and proficient settlement of clearances on behalf of debenture holders in the event of further borrowings by the Issuer.

At Jyoti Capital Limited, we assure you:

  • To advise Issuer Company on the mode of creation of Security.
  • To hold the Security/Charge on behalf of debenture holders and hold the security documents in safe custody.
  • To Take action for safeguarding interest of the Investors and enforcing their rights in times of need.
  • To advise Issuer Company on the mode of creation of Security & registration of Debenture Trust Deed.
  • To ensure Compliance of Listing Agreement, Companies Act, 2063 & SEBON Regulations.
  • To redress grievances of the Debenture holders effectively
  • Follow-ups with the Issuer to ensure that it has made payment of interest/redemption of principal on a timely basis to the debenture holders.
  • Carry out Enforcement in terms of the Trust Deed and/or as may be instructed by the Debenture Holders, while complying with necessary laws and regulations.
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