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demat sixteen nineJyoti Capital Limited has been working as Nodal work station for managing DP Service or D-Mat Services of Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited, the licensed institution to act as Depository Participants (DP). Jyoti Capital  Limited will be the intermediary between the depository system (CDS and clearing Ltd.) and our clients.

Our services offer a secure, convenient and paperless way to keep track of our valued client's  investments in shares and other security instruments over time, without the hassle of handling paper based transcripts.

The Depository Participant benefits you can get from Jyoti Capital Limited are:

Depository Participants (DP) Service

  • Open De-mat account as a beneficial owner (BO): D-Mat account is compulsory to apply/sell securities issues (IPO/FPO/Right), trading of securities (Buy/Sell) by general public/institution.
  • convert physical shares into electronic format (i.e De-materialization of securities held by the beneficial owner (BO),
  • Re-materialization of securities
  • Maintain record of securities in the electronic form
  • facilitate transactions and trade transfers
  • Settlement trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO accounts,
  • Settlement of off-market trades that is occurred between BOs outside NEPSE
  • Provide electronic credit of securities allotted by issuers during IPOs
  • Deposit the non-financial corporate benefits (such as: bonus, right shares, etc.) issued by issuers in the de-mat account of BOs
  • record related to ownership and pledge/unpledged/freeze/unfreeze of dematerialized securities
  • get record of individual holdings of securities  
  • Other services as allowed by laws and regulations in regard to securities depository.

Note: All of the above services can also be availed from any branches of Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited across the country.

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